How is this rank possible?

How is this possible?






Stake Level




I’m guessing the player was sitting at a high stakes ring game table, since the number of chips you see on their profile is the number of chips they have in the bank. Perhaps the rank you see there, is based on the chips in the bank AND on the table, hence how the above is possible. Without further digging I couldn’t say for sure, but that’s my guess. I know it’s something we wanted to be more consistent with so that the number of chips on the profile, includes the chips at the table (whether it’s the current chips or the chips when they sat at the table) - I think that would help avoid confusion like the above.

It was a sit and go game with 50K buy in and I checked his rank while waiting on the game to begin

Rank resets every 24 hours I believe. The player may have started the day with a high chip count and lost the majority that day. Check the next day and the ranking will show the decline.

IMO,i think a players bankroll should be private.It is no ones business whats in my bank,to be honest this is the first site I have seen this!