Player Ranking By Country

Dear Replay Poker,

Do we have a page to sort all players by ranking in a respective country?

Would be good if we can have a ranking by Country and we can find out who are the other players playing in the same country as yourself.

For example,
Rank 1 US
Rank 2 US
Rank 1 Korea
Rank 2 Korea
so on and so forth


How would that be beneficial to the players ?


I think it would be +EV at least on social side of things.

Players can identify their fellow country men or women and play more social poker together!

We have that already during our special promotions and summer and winter games. Like the Olympics.

You see their country & rank when you click on their pic on the tables or search on main page

Replay does not sort players by every country and then what rank they are. Every player is listed by ranking first then you came see their country flag in profiles or at the tables.

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