Can't see my rank

Today I couldn’t see my ranking in my profile. Is that a mistake that will be fixed?

I saw that today as well. No rankings appeared when clicking on a player.

Hi @chris080663

I noticed as well, some players no rank and others showed. Please send e-mail to with the concern or any future issues. Probably will be fixed but always good to notify support which may resolve any issue quicker.


It happens all the time while it is updating. I happen to see it often. No big deal.

Yo tampoco veo mí rango
I don’t see my rank either

we all would be lucky to not see ours or anybody else’s rank … they mean ziltch

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I see mine. On the home page, click on the chip next to your avatar top right corner.

Yes - this is a bug and we’re working on getting this resolved. Thanks for your reports!


exactly my thought…when buying chips is included in the ranking it makes ranking moot. But I get it…RP is only free to us due to those who buy their chips…therefore I doth not protest this Tomfoolery!

Hi. It’s not an issue but I’m just curious why on some players even if they have a lot of chips ranking is not shown. Like most of us I’m used to check players ranking when enter on a table and sometimes check profiles and even there the rank is not shown. I’ve checked forum for a similar q but nothing found. Thank you for your answers.

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I wouldn’t worry about ranking too much…it can be bought lol

I’m not worried lol. It’s just curiosity .