Is there a way to search for people by location?

I found a Poker friend in Tulsa and now we are looking for more guys/gals to talk strategy with.

There isn’t a way on the website, but you can do a search via google.

If you type into google (without the quotes):

“ tulsa”

That will return in the search results players who have the word “tulsa” in their profile.

I just noticed though that the links redirect you to your dashboard. So until we fix that, you’ll just need to take a note of the player names then search for them the usual way. Hope that all makes sense!

Not for now…

Just play a lot, hoover over others, see flag , you will find lots

Dont forget send introduction for your real life friends, (you get chips too for it)

Beside, I find this community very friendly, I think you can talk with lots of other nation users.

If you want, I change this thread to “idea” then others can vote for it. :slight_smile: