Option to turn off Broadcast Announcements

Please include an option to turn off the Broadcast Announcements in the chat window. There are just too many of them they just clutter up the chat box and make chat disjointed by pushing comments off the screen.

Thanks for the suggestion Zeitguy. We plan to offer more configuration options in the future to the chat, so you can control exactly what you’d like to see, inc. turning off the broadcast messages. I’ll make a note of your specific suggestion now, so we don’t forget!

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I’ve seen that on other poker sites, it’s also an option. I imagine some might prefer it, others may not. I like the idea of giving players the choice of how the interface is set up, then you can customize it however you like. Definitely a possibility when we switch to the HTML5 client in the future.

It would be nice to see the card/hand info in a different box. I’ve had occasion where I thought I had a winning hand, only to lose, but as I tried to read the hand info a broadcast message, then another, then a nh and ty, all while still playing the next hand. Never did find out what my hand lost to. Thanks.