Loudmouth Dealer OFF/ON

could you add ‘ignore dealer’ setting so that chat would be easier for those who

want it?

I think it would be great to have more control over this. Right now you can block game chat from other players, but there’s no way to block the dealer chat. Before we work on adding it, I’d like to know from other players if they think it would be useful, either via the game table or an option in your player settings, so it’s always turned off if you want it that way.

thanks for the response. I think it would be easier for all if it was a table option. I for one was here a week before I noticed where my player settings were, so for us newbies it would be simpler at the table.

Good point, thanks digger51

Not until Omaha 8 is up and running with approved results!!!

I also need a button to help another player fold when I need them to fold!!

you’ve already got that button, it’s called raise. :wink:

Yes sometimes it is easy to lose the other players chat when there are to many dealer messages.

either way would be great

Anyone who like it please add your vote. I did add the OFF/ON to the header, hopefully helps. If the OP want it back to the original, please say so.