Disable Broadcast Announcements

Pretty self-explanatory. I think there’s a very small segment of players that actually want tournaments advertised to them while they’re playing ring games. Replay runs like 100 tournaments a day, if I want to play in one, I’ll find one pretty easily.

Please let users limit their chat feed to dealer actions and players at their table.


I do agree that the Broadcast notifications of other tournaments are a nuisance, but I do like to see the dealer actions so have to put up with them! I tried using the “chat only” option but really missed seeing the dealer actions.
We used to receive notifications from Broadcast when a player won a MTT and I miss them, as I used to like to send a small congratulations message if I noticed one of my friends had won a tournament.
I would much prefer to see this restored and get rid of the wretched Broadcast game notifications. To me, by removing this a bit of the friendship side of the site has been lost.


Straight up man, glad you agree. I’d disable the dealer actions too, but I like seeing the chat messages in context of the action. Sometimes, there aren’t user messages for 5-10 hands, and I don’t want to play detective to see what people are commenting on tense pots.

I think this would be better:
Easy to do, and not many work.


That looks good and doable :+1:t2: