Odd Experience/Etiquette

I just had a weird experience;

I was in a freeroll Omaha tournament (I haven’t played much Omaha but I know how to) and I had been leading the bets (RFI) for several hands. Nobody seemed to want to start and I’d had some really good hands in a row. People would call but I was betting and winning, as I had the hands. I folded when I didn’t. Usual stuff. After a while I was leading a little and I made bets on each street on what I considered an increasingly good hand but it didn’t work out and another player won the hand.) I was fine with that. It happens.

A third player decided to comment on that, saying I was “out of the game”.
I smiled to myself and said “possibly”. I’d lost a lot but still had a few chips and got an OK next hand.
I’m not normally fussed if people want to gloat so I shrugged it off as bad sportsmanship or just an observation - although I don’t need a commentary on my chip situation. I decided to just ignore it.

This third person then told me they would try to “help me out”.
I was a bit confused but I said “no need” and carried on playing.
Firstly, I didn’t need help and secondly, gloating and then patronising me is really not a great combination.

But they insisted so I said something along the lines of “no really, it’s fine”.
I thought that was the end of it. I had an OK hand which I played.

A few more hands and I’d recovered a bit but the other player was not doing so well.
I had got my chips back up to a reasonable amount (through my own choices) and they, apparently annoyed about the situation, told me I was meant to “thank players when they gave me chips”.


I wasn’t even aware this person had “given me chips”.
I was really distracted by then. I might go back to turning player chat off.
It seems a shame but I don’t need gloating, charity or a guilt trip while I’m playing, let alone all three in quick sucession.

Anyway, it’s not the most riveting story of poker experiences but I’ve not encountered chat like it here.

Has anyone else had anything like that happen? I don’t think I’d do anything differently because I was cordial about the initial gloat, clear about not wanting help, and unaware the person had tried to “help” me (despite me saying I didn’t need it).

It just left me bemused.


I went back over the hands - it was bothering me. Lol.

The conversation went;
ME: Nice hand (to the player I had lost to)
PLAYER 3: ohh fishcer out of the game
ME: Haha
PLAYER 3: it is correct you say
ME: Possilby

Next hand was dealt and I assume Player 3 felt bad for gloating;

PLAYER 3: sorry sorry
PLAYER 3: i will try help you
ME: no need
PLAYER 3: no?
ME: it’s the game
ME: no, not at all

Now the kicker is - the “help” this fool gave me? After everyone folded, Player 3 called my all-in (I was low on chips and it was the only way to proceed) with two pair! I won because I had a set!
They didn’t call with no cards to help me out!
So yeah - some help! I’ll chalk it up to one of those things.
I’m glad I reviewed the hands because I was doubting myself.

I will turn off player chat. I don’t need some ridiculous distraction from some child riding an emotional rollercoaster.

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Another player can’t help you win chips without breaking the site rules. It’s a form of cheating, and if the mods are aware of who the guilty party is, they will most likely receive a ban.


I will let them know - thank you.
Although check the edit for the “help” they claim they gave me…
Calling with two pair when it looked like I didn’t have anything is debatable as “helping”. :laughing:
I can see they were just sore about losing after the blatant gloat.
But I’ll report the chat anyway and mods can decide what to do, if anything.

I feel a bit better about it all now I’ve reviewed it.
I did take it all a bit personally because I tried to be the bigger person while being gloated at after a big loss just to be accused of poor etiquette. It tilted me a lot. Haha.

Thanks for replying.

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Try to be nice and give them a Helping Hand Endorsement to reward them for the fun banter! This sounds like a fun player to me! Give them a shout out THANKS!

Maybe you could be nice and give them a Helping Hand Endorsement? They are helping you out after all!

Endorsements is a great way to reward players. Good Sport is another good Endorsement you can give.

Have you tried Endorsements? Its crazy to me how so many players never bother using Endorsements on RP.

In essence, it’s collusion on their part to influence the outcome of a hand. It’s absolutely cheating and they should be reported.


Send a friend request and bury the animosity. Life is short. Don’t sweat the small stuff. I have 100’s and hundreds of friends here and one thing we have in common is we agree to disagree at times.

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“Of course I lied, its poker.”
What is less ethical? Saying you didn’t look at your cards or calling because you thought the player didn’t look at his hand.


IMO chatting is more fun as long as it is within the rules!

I think Tony G is one of the rudest, most out of line players I have seen play. Almost any warning he gets by the floor is probably warranted.

That said, I don’t dislike Tony. I think he looks for any edge to manipulate a player any way he can. He is a fun player, & very entertaining. The game runners, house, Casino etc can decide if Tony G is within the rules, on the line or breaking the rules outright and needs a warning, penalty etc.

I don’t think Tony G is a cheater, but huge troll. Regarding that hand, Phil Hellmuth is a pro and looked like a fish playing in this hand.


This is NOT a strategy discussion but getting upset bc a fish is trying to bait: I would suggest not turning off chat and trying to have fun with trolls and bad players bc @FisherWandElf is probably a good & winning player, so learning to embrace this will be more fun and probably win more too.

I think Phil Hellmuth is pretty stupid to trust Tony G and let him bait him.

I would be more upset about my own gullibleness then a players etiquette in regard to Tony G Vs Hellmuth.


No, I was busy playing the game. :slight_smile: Gloating isn’t helpful IMO.
I certainly don’t want to take time out of my game to reward it.

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Thank you. I have done and will leave it with the moderators. I made the post before I realised it was more of an issue than just bad etiquette (or accusations that I had been rude). Thanks for confirming it was not right.

Tony G is incredibly rude and aggressive. He gloats appallingly when he wins and literally cries when he makes a mistake. I don’t feel happy when bad things happen to people but I really don’t have any sympathy and it’s nice to see people experience what they’ve put other people through while those other politely let them experience it without gloating themselves. The time when Tony G turned his hand over when he thought he’d called an all-in but it was only a raise is one example - although Andy Black and De Wolfe laughed at him a lot over that one. I felt bad for Tony G for a microsecond until I remebered him jumping up and physically standing over a player that had just lost to him, shouting at him to go home. Then I felt better that his stupid mistake had bitten him in the butt.

I do have to laugh watching players like Hellmuth whining over a bad draw when they “did everything right and are the better player”. That same tournament I mentioned, Hellmuth did appallingly throughout and whined every single time about how it was unfair because he was the better player. When he got lucky on the draw, he was the better player. When another player did the same, they were a bad player, relying on lucky draws… It takes a mega-ego to gloat even while they’re constantly losing! Haha.

I do agree on the principle of not letting baiters get to me.
I admit this really did bother me. The audacity of making out I was being rude after everything. Lol.
Pretty well p!ssed me off.

But I am having fun playing - I don’t have fun chatting when people are being idiots. I’m concentrating on the game and end up missing the action due to stupidity. I’d just rather not.
I’ve settled on a compromise and turn off player chat once the first hand is dealt and then back on towards the end (speaking about tournaments). That way I can be civil at the important times when someone might have something to say but not have to deal with people being idiots.
I appreciate your feedback on what I said. :slight_smile:

You can mute a single player if necessary. I sometimes do this if not in the mood for a troll. Otherwise OFC just mute all chat.

A lot of trolls like to bait players into a fight and then will report YOU the victim for retaliation. Its quite hilarious that RP will then penalize a player for retaliating against the troll, trouble maker.

I personally don’t waste any effort reporting players unless they are being very excessive and abusive etc.

Enjoy the chips players are gifting you, and let the words slide off like water on a ducks back!

Have fun & GLz


As I said, they didn’t actually gift me anything in the end.
They had a long think before calling me with their two pair. So it’s not like they had loads of chips and sacraficed a few on a hand they knew they would lose. They only played the hand and then tried to make out it was a gift later, when I had the (possibly unlikely) better hand.
Real headcase emotionally, it seems.
I’ve marked them up in the notes to avoid and I’ll mute them if we end up in a tournament together.
Am I correct in thinking the mute turns off when you leave the table?
I know the chat filter resets to ‘all’ when you start a new game.