Now that's a ban

Recently, while searching for an old post I clicked on the profile of a player I hadn’t heard of in a while and this came up
This user is suspended until Jan 27, 3018 9:00 pm.
Reason: Creating conflict in the forum by diverting topic from the original user’s intention.

I love the 9:00pm as if a 1000 year forum ban isn’t long enough ya gotta wait all day…


Actually it should have been at midnight! Bans are not any more what they used to be!


Don’t you mean “will not be in 1000 years what they used to be” ? lol


Closest I can figure it out this user will be eligible for parole after serving 2/3 of their sentence at 1:34pm on Friday, September 26, 2684.

Edit: Just in case anyone wonders.
I 100% support Replay Poker’s decision to block this user from posting . It was absolutely the correct decision.



Well, I certainly want to stay on your good side…

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