Nordic Warriors League

It shows you in twice, try rebooting, shutting down replay and try to go back in

I sent Rob a message so he and his team can check it out

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Was wondering what happened to Bodie. That really sucks Replay is getting glitchy lately. Game is alot less fun without you @donkbusta444

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Congratulations FastMama on the win! Jan took 2nd, SW took 3rd and Sharon took 4th!
Congratulations to all the winners tonight in the player appreciation 2 mill added. PKO Beta.


Bounty Winners:


Tonight we played the TOC WTA!
@MrFish68 won a nice catch of 1,000,000.
Congratulations! John not only winning the Holdem division of Q1 2024 but winning the TOC!

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We played an extra game as well tonight!
Congratulations @tinboat on the 20k NL Holdem win! MrZ in 2nd and tj took third well played all!

@Doon101 reminded me of something he and I talked about early in the quarter, it is an award for best average score for the Nordic Warriors quarter. The best average score for 10 games or more goes to Tom aka @Nicasurf for 11,172 points average Q1 2024
Well done Tom this shows the quality of play you bring to the Nordic Warriors League.
Looking forward to what you bring to Q2 2024!


@southwestmba Thank u 4 the kind words!

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Michael…Thank you!

I forgot to mention that Tom’s award is for Nordic Warriors NL Holdem LB.
I altered the award to show the category.


Nordic Warriors Private league friends!
First game of the new Q2 2024
The Medieval Matrix 20k. is in 45 minutes
No Limit Omaha Hi/Lo Game Tonight at 9pm EST
You can register up to 3 days in advance!
Here is a shortcut link to tonight’s game!

Q2 2024 has begun Warriors!!

Quarter opener was NL Omaha hi/lo

We at the Nordic Warriors welcome @boyd2 back and hope him the best, we look forward to many more games with you Jack!

Tonight was a tough game!
Those that play in the one night a week Omaha game in the NW are not to be messed with, I have been playing this game a very long time and am met with a challenge every game.

Here is the lowdown on tonight’s game.

Don, jr, Carl and Uwe battled it out for the prize pool, but we all know it’s not the chips in this league it’s the win!!

Don was victorious! Congratulations! Earning a spot in the quarter end TOC WTA

Here was the top ten tonight

Rank Player Points Chips
1 @tinboat 24,293 174,825
2 @jryoungman 17,178 97,125
3 @Dreamer2023 14,026 67,987
4 @Nemesis67 12,147 48,562
5 @Younguru 10,864
6 @Weedwoman420 9,918
7 @RavenL 9,182
8 Rain 8,589
9 @Trafe1 8,098
10 @mafus 7,682

Link for LB

Nordic Warriors LB 2024 Q2

Nordic Warrior League Members!
Tonight’s game is called Valhalla’s Chosen
Friday Night 20k entry!
No Limit Hold’em
Game Tonight at 9pm EST.
Here is a link to tonight’s game!

Warriors!! First game of the new quarter!
Norris was a force tonight, in his usual take no prisoners fashion, Julie came in a nice 2nd Gunslinger 3rd and Dennis 4th well played all!
Here are the final 10

Rank Player Points Chips
1 @_snowman 24,293 174,825
2 @jujube 17,178 97,125
3 @gunslinger13 14,026 67,987
4 @mafus 12,147 48,562
5 @Trish-da-Fish 10,864
6 @jdawg09 9,918
7 @martinigal3 9,182
8 @RavenL 8,589
9 @FastMama 8,098
10 @Bradspam 7,682

I may have to invoke the time out after so many rounds for sleepers, not only did they make top 10, but I also don’t think that is fair for all.

Hold’em LB

I agree Michael.


Gunslinger after you got ALL my chips, I expected 1st, but great game.

I have requested Replay to time out sleepers after 5 rounds, not sure when it will be implemented, I do my best to remind players that they are in the game but not present when I can find them, but I believe this is a fair amount of time. If 5 is not possible and it’s a different amount I will announce to all.

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Two Games tonight!
Tonight’s first game is called Valhalla PKO
Saturday 20k entry! PKO No Limit Holdem
PKO Game Tonight at 6:30pm EST.
Here is a link to tonight’s PKO game!

Starting with today’s game all PKO games will count on leader board and are no longer Beta