New look

I just wanna ask if its possible ro add in the new look, flaggs again behind the names in the lobby, I found the players easier to find with flags behind their names, now my eyes hurt from looking in the new lobby and all look alike5hence the avatars dont look alike)

I agree ronvisser. The dark blue background is blinding, and hard to read for tired eyes. there are some colors, like yellow on the blue that I have to really squint at. The flags are a nice touch I find also.

Thanks for the feedback, guys. We agree the default images for players are hard to distinguish and we’ve got some ideas for making things a little more visually interesting. I don’t know that the flags specifically will make a comeback, but we’ll definitely do our best to make things easier to see.

Cheers, Lesley

I also vote for showing the flags instead of the avatars in the tournament lobby.

You get my vote for it Ron:)

Should have left site along.The new look is hard to follow and very HARD on the eyes. UGH

To be honest, I realy dislike the flashy colours in the new lay out, but I do understand changes will be made to try and improve this site even when in my humble opinion, the site was great as it was. But changing to much might get irritation from loads of players, most of us embrace things like they are used to be. Still its good RP works hard for our free poker game and txs for that, but please give us the flags back and fix the amount of players left notification at the table, thanks :slight_smile:

About the colors.

It is impossible to satisfy everyone, liking colors is personal. In the beginning of ReplayPoker the main color was green, when the light site was developed there were many negative comments about the color of the site, it was much too light.

Of course people need time to get used to it, with starting of that site there were many other changes (improvements) also. Now the colors are darker and of course some like it and some do not like it. But there are also again many improvements on the newest site.

On this picture you see the older, old and new site. I’m sure a lot of players remember the “green” site. I also needed time to get used to the new site, first to the light site and to the darker colors also, but when i jumped from new to old site a couple of times i really like the newest site:)

And for sure Replay Poker continues to improve the site, therefore feedback from players is always appreciated!

Yeah I agree, as long as we get the flags back and the notifications lol txs :wink:

flags must stay