Old site

Hey there,
I sure miss the old layout!!! Does anyone else? I miss the chit chat among players, the easy layout of the board/screen and player friendly it was. This new layout is “chillier” for sure, players are far apart, the chat screen seems not connected to players and I find the sentence in the chat screen that says “why not say hello to other players?” very patronizing. Like, why would we say hello to other players if the screen/board isn’t conductive to that like the previous version was. In this version, everyone plays, stays silent, no banter, no laughing, no familiar names, no comraderie. It’s too bad. I miss the old format!


I agree the old look was more appealing but I do not see a difference in the chat , I still chat and so do my friends, we joke around the same as with the old format.


I miss the rail look.



ME TOO!!! bring it back please


I miss when the site didn’t freeze when you tried to place a bet

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Yes,what’s with that? Every day it happens …scary crap when you have a good hand lol.
C’mon Replay fix it!