New Awards in the future?

I think it was be fun to add new Awards just to add some additional incentive to play. It’s just for fun and it wouldn’t hurt in my opinion. Some ideas are
Top 3 in a 100+ tournament (1 time)
Top 3 in a 100+ tournament (3 times)
so on…
Achieve 50,000 chips
Achieve 250,000 chips
Achieve 1,000,000 chips
so on…
Logged in 7 days in a row
Logged in 30 days in a row
Logged in 6 months in a row

If you have any other ideas/suggestions or criticisms, I’d be happy to hear them.

  • There is already an award for logging in (although 2,500 chips is chump change). Increasing the weekly log in would be nice. Maybe something like: 1,000 1st day 5,000 2nd day 10,000 3rd day 20,000 4th day 40,000 5th day 80,000 6th day 160,000 7th day, and then have it reset every week. It would give the fish (errr sorry, “people new to the game”) more opportunity to play in the higher buy-in games, since so far 95% of the players in the high stake tournaments are players who already have millions of chips in the bank.

-The “Achieve” XXXX chips reward sounds nice, but instead of getting chips as a prize it should be a perk on the site. Maybe something like only letting people who have reached 1,000,000 chips change their Avatar picture? And if you reach 5,000,000 chips you can change the color of your text in the in-game chat box? That would be more fun than merely giving people more chips.

However, although new awards would be nice, what I REALLY want to see on this site is a new RANKING SYSTEM. Basing rank on how much chips you have makes absolutely 0 sense. It says nothing about how good a player is. Even a fish can get millions in chips if he has no life and players here long enough. Meanwhile somebody who has a very high winning % (let’s say he reaches Final Tables in tournements 80% of the time) but who is fairly new will have a very low rank. But hey maybe that topic is for another thread :relaxed:

If I think of any more Award ideas i’ll post it in this thread. Although i’m skeptical on what use it’ll be. I’m sure the Staff over here are friendly and all, but I doubt they’re actually going to change anything.

Not sure it should be awards. They could make a personal Hall of Fame somewhere, recapping your best MTT performances.

@MangoTang0 will be new ranking system. Look up in this community forum.
Award system? What for? Not enaugh free chips? You want crash the chips economy?

Eh, maybe you’re right about the chips. I would be more interested in special perks actually. There’s one thing that motivates people more than bragging about their millions of fake chips, and that’s perks that range in rareness. There is a reason why most video games do this. It will increase player incentive to keep playing here… so even if the novelty of many chips wears off they can still have something to look towards.

Imagine if the Top 5,000 players could choose their text color in in-game chat. Or the Top 5,000 players could do a special effect during a game, like a special animation. These are just examples. I’m sure more people would try to reach that Top 5,000 for the perks more so than they would for the mere chips alone. And in turn more people would get knocked OFF the Top 5,000 which will in turn motivate them as well. It’s an incentive cycle that never ends. When 6 players already have 40,000,000 chips in their bank, they no longer care that much about it. Just my opinion.

@MangoTang0 I love the idea of perks. And I couldn’t agree more.
Text color.
The border of the box that holds your name can be changed (nothing too distracting).

Like so. And simple basic ones would be cheap. Fancier/unique ones would require a pretty penny.

We’re putting some finishing spit and polish on some things on the Award front – hang in there. We think you’ll be happy with what we have in store. =)