More Awards

Please update the award system, For players like me that play allready for 3 years.

I want to make goals again like played hand and winning hands

(and a little ps) I’m a member for more than 3 years and i dont get the awards for it…?

Greating Punisher (thats also my nickname)

Thanks for the suggestion Punisher. It’s great to receive feedback from someone that’s been enjoying the site for so many years. We’ve got plans to add more awards to keep it interesting to players like yourself. Stay tuned!

Heck…lets give everyone an award for uhhhh being able to come up with a screen name.

I am excited!

hm, good idea, came up with the screen name whats not offensive get double. lol

take off referral award and put something like consecutive hands won

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Thanks for the suggestion. We’re planning on completely overhauling the awards system, so they’ll be plenty of new achievements to gain. Stay tuned!