Promotional Idea

I have this idea, basically because I’ve bubbled a lot and my play around the bubble is when I’m at my worst.
You could name this promotion “Bubblicious”
It could be a monthly and/or yearly promotion.
A player would get a point each time they wind up on the bubble.
In all fairness, there would be a minimum number of tourneys played to qualify, but also the order of payouts would be figured by a percentage, as to not favor those who play a ton of tourneys.
There could be two catagories, high at 100k buyin or better, and low at under 100k.
Probably a silly idea, but I have a lot of those :slight_smile:
Have a nice day.

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Hi @TheKnutts , in my opinion, no idea is a silly one my friend. Also with all of the great folks here at replay, I’m am sure they will have ideas to contribute to, modify, or improve on any ideas, which may gain a majority of support for the idea. Hope everyone, keeps them ideas coming!!