Multi tabling strategy

wanted to ask if there are methods to improve yourself at multi tabling?

i do sometimes 2 tables, but usually only 1.
however since it’s have been a while since i tried it, so i decided to try 4 tables today.

at first it was going quite well, but not long after i started to make terrible mistakes.
when playing 4 tables i got a misclick 2 times, so i switched to 3 tables.
when playing 3 tables i eventually got 2 pair with KT, i got a very nice pot containing 3M, the bet was just 250k but timed out and lost a great pot, so i switched to 2 tables.
when playing 2 tables i played a hand with KQ, i flopped Q high. can’t remember the action well but he already played agressive on teh flop in a way that suggested a strong hand. eventually the A rivered and he shoved, my thinking wasn’t there and just called him. result is obviously a loss.
i mentioned in my previous topic i won’t make more actions that set chips on fire, but when multi tabling that’s all i’m doing.
i’m doing well enough when playing 1 table, but when playing more my game gets terrible.

long story short: what advises can u give me to get better at multi tabling? or is the best advise to just stick to 1 table?

I stick to one tourney at a time and prefer the 24 second timer to the 8 second one. Too easy to make critical mistakes when I hurry.


Can you see all 4 tables all the time? I have a 40" 4k monitor, so I can. This makes it a little easier.

I would suggest more or less forgetting the other tables when you enter a pot on any 1 of them. If a super premium hand comes along while you’re in a pot, consider shoving. It’s hard and counter-productive to be in multiple pots at the same time. It can be done, but it’s not easy.

Other than that, it’s a matter of practice.

Frankly, I don’t usually see the point on a free chip site. You might be better off playing 1 higher stakes table where you can pay 100% attention.


I like playing multiple tables & I often overlap games, I feel comfortable on two tables, & have played 5 at once including one royal, one hi-lo, & 3 hold-ems it got very hectic needless to say. SunPowerGuru is correct, if you get a very playable hand you should forego the other tables and stay focused on that hand/table. The up side to playing two or more tables is I don’t chase straights or flushes as much, and I do a much better job of folding, also it helps a lot with mental recognition of hands & memory. So if I want to play a big game, I often play several tables at same time a few hours before big game so I’m very sharp for it. The down side is I don’t have very good reads on the other players if any, & will often not see the 3rd card of a suit for someone’s flush or all the possible straights, and timing out on a good hand really bites… Humans are not designed to multi task, but it can be learned with practice. Happy Gaming… Juicee

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Game selection when multi-tabling is important. I can generally handle playing 3 or 4 9-handed tables, and when I do, I find I’m a bit tighter - while much more aggressive - preflop. Borderline hands tend to go into the muck, and my open sizes are a little bigger - say, 4.5BB instead of 4BB on the button facing two limpers at the third blind level of a tourney. As a result, I might only play 2 hands per orbit, whereas I’d normally target more like 2.3. As a result, I’m usually only making post-flop decisions on one table at any given time, and can focus my attention there.

The toughest thing I’ve found while multi-tabling is keeping track of bet sizing and the strength of competition. A 1200 chip 3-bet means something very different in a 100k tourney with 100-chip BB than it does when the blinds are 10-20 in a 5k tourney. It can be difficult to keep those straight when tourneys at various levels and blind structures are going in at once.

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It seems easier to multi-table, and if you play Regionals, then often you have to play 2 at once, because they overlap if you go deep in the 5k. When I play’d @ Tilt, it was a proggie, not browser like replay … so it was easier/smoother to play more than 1.

Playing more than 1 table as Juicee & Wannabe said, to me clears my brain to play better… by that I mean as they said kinda, I make better choices and chase less crap. It gets sticky when 2 of your 3 tables are finals and are down to 4 or less ppl. When I have less time to act AND I am paying so little attn, that I see my hole cards, and make instant decisions so I can keep shuffling tables… I also use the [ ] check or [ ] check/fold more.

The biggest problem here @ replay, while playing multiple tables, is the lack of warning its your turn on any 1 specific table. Most of the time you only know once you hear the warning beep with like 3 sec left to act. There are a few easy ways to solve this. You can have the browser check to see if its “active” when your turn hits… if its not, flash the outside rim of browser a different color and or give an audible warning. The much easier way tho, which would be so usefull even with 1 table open, is a simple audible tone/beep when its your turn. That way you hear a beep when its your turn, then a beep when you have low time left… Either of these solutions @yiazmat , would go along way to solve what you experienced.

I do think Multi-table’n is a effective way to utilize your time, 2 tables seems so peacefull.


thanks everyone 4 the information.

i think my main flaw was to try playing the same as i would with one table, like trying to get value out of the small edges, even when an important hand was ongoing.

according to the advises i think i go with just 1 table most of the time, but when feeling up for it i gonna try 2 tables and only move up in tables as soon as i get (almost) as much at comfort as i would with 1 table.

thanks and gl every1