MTT History

Hello everyone,

I just started playing MTT’s… mainly freerolls. Where do I go to view my history, stats, etc. Specifically, I want to see where I finished in each tournament - viewing a page that shows where everyone finished would be great.

Thanks for your help.

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Hi @emaxc,

Go to the “Activity” page. To do this click on your profile picture in the upper corner and a drop down menu will appear and there will be an option that says “Activity” click on that and on the next page simply switch from ring games to tournaments and you will be able to view where you ranked in each tournament you played.

To see where other’s ranked click on a tournament you want to see and you will see a button that says “view lobby.”

I hope this is helpful and good luck at the tables!



very helpful… I kept clicking on my pic in the upper left corner, but soon figured it out.

thanks for your help Marc,


PS. I had another question, entirely unrelated. The 15k ticket I just one… can it be used to enter smaller tourney’s? Like one that says either 5k or 5k tickets? If so, does it just reduce my 15k ticket by that amount. Or is it a use the whole ticket on a 15k tourney only?

Thanks for fielding another question.

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*Tickets cannot be exchanged for smaller/larger tickets or for chips. : ( The
tickets are won through satellite tournaments that disperse the prizes for a
specific tournament. If the player wants 5k tickets, those are the satellites
they should be playing in. I’m sorry but you can’t change them in yet. You need to join a tournament that cost the amount of the ticket. Good luck . I hope this helps.
Mark B.