Satellite Tourney

i won a satalite toury and they even congradulated me first prize was two touny tickets and 15k but they never gave me the reward can anyone explain that please

that was mtt 931888 tourny but still no rewards just out 2k or whatever it was

Sounds like you won a satellite tournament. The buy-in is 2K and the prize for winning is 2 x 15K tournament tickets. There is no 15K chips payout involved though. You can use the tickets to enter tournaments like American Playtime or European Millions instead of using 15K chips. They do expire after 3 months so keep an eye out for this.
Good Luck

thanks I apolajize I misunderstood again well lets hope I use the winnings wisely lol

i like to try to get better at playing poker but i think i am set up on all these games so i have no chance of winning anyway