More 9 seat 50/100 ring games

Only one game at 7:40 pm Monday night

Hi Maverick

On top of the ring game page you have the box “hide empty tables” , when you untick the box the empty tables appears and you can start a new table.

I upload a screenshot to make the options clear.

  1. You can select Games (or one game type or all game types), same you can do with “limits” and “stake levels”

And you can tick or untick “hide empty tables” and “hide full tables”

  1. You can order the lobby on 1 column. Here you see i’ve ordered my lobby on “Stakes” .

  2. Down on the page. You can go the “blog” , for reading the latest news, go to page “Online Players”. and more…

Hope this helps…

Greetings Happiness.

Sorry I just did not scroll down through the 6 seat tables. I did not realize that more 9 seat tables were available. Thanks