What happened to the 9pl 15/30 tables?

Hate to say this RP but your old format was waaaaaaay better. It was easier to find your game and there were a lot more 9pl tables, especially the 15/30’s.

Hi PufPufPass

When you untick the box “hide empty tables” you see all tables there are (it is ticked by default, but you can untick and tick it)

On the old format it was not possible to create so many tables as we have now. We had to make choises and removed some tables. On the new site it was possible to create them all. For nearly all stakes there are 6 and 9 seated tables, regular speed AND fast speed.

Sorry, we knew the 15/30 tables were popular, but we had to add more different stake tables. now there is much more choise to play on the table what fits the most with your bankroll.

To make it easier, you can use the options to select “games” , “limits” and select “stake levels” in the ring game lobby.

NL Holdem is adapted, the other game types will be done soon.

Hope you get used to it soon. Greetings Happiness.

They were replaced with 10/20 and 25/50 tables. There’s more of a gradual increase in the blinds now compared to before.