Ring Games - 2 questions

(1) When we are looking for a room to join … why are all the FULL ROOMS at the top, making us scroll down thru them to get to rooms that have an opening …

Put them at the bottom, please.

(2) Why are (about) 80% of the Ring Games Hold 'Em?
Need more Hi-Lo Game rooms
Maybe a switch that toggles between them …
You want to play Hold 'em? Click here for rooms needing players …
You want to play Hi-Lo? Click here for rooms needing players.


Hi Mr Lee :slight_smile:
You can choose to hide the rooms that are full (or empty) by checking the box that says Hide Full and the one that says Hide Empty, which can be found on top.
Same for the type of game, you can always choose the type of game to show/hide by opening the scroll down menu on top (small arrow next to All Games) and choose hi/lo or any type of game you want to show.
Hope that helps


Addendum to Coy’s post.

3 dropdowns you can adjust… game type, Limit type, and stakes level…
3 checkboxes to adjust… Hide full, Hide empty, Favs only …
On top of that , most/all columns are toggle-able… asending/desending…

as for #2 , Ring game tables are started by players, if a table closes its because the players left the table… any type game, like Omaha HiLo can be started… If you aren’t see’n the game/stakes you want, try and start one… just remember to browse thru the “empty” tables, and sit at any of them to start a table of your choice.



Sassy_Sarah has it exactly right. I frequently start a game of 10-20 Fixed Limit Hi-Lo by doing exactly what she described. Sometimes others join, sometimes they don’t. Once we had game that lasted nearly 2 hours before it broke up. Games are constantly coming and going away when all the players leave. Try it. The worst that can happen is you’ll sit alone for 10 minutes (or until your patience runs out). Good luck at the tables.

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whoaa … “Volunteers” ??

Do we have a new catagory ??? … Mods, PReps, & Volunteers ???

It appears so. I contribute to the Facebook posts. I guess they felt they had to call me something, LOL. No authority, no duties other than typing stuff and emailing it in, though. Good luck.