Out of curiosity, are the missions the same for every player, or are they random for each player?


I used to think they were all different and random. After chatting with friends they seem to be the same for every player. The only difference is the 1) volume - how many average hands a player plays and 2) stakes level of the missions. Ask a friend or player at the table and you will learn similar.

The following example is purely fictitious and not necessarily accurate.
Example say one of my mission objectives is to get JT three times today. You will have the same mission objective to get JT today. The difference might be you play 3 time more than me. Say I play 100 hands per day and you play 600 hands! You will be required to get JT more than me bc you played a lot more. So maybe you might need to get JT ten times. The more volume the better the pay out.

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Thank you.

Thursday it said I had to get four flushes, and I thought that would be hard for anyone unless they put in eight hours.
I don’t pay much attention to it. I have moved on to SnG games, and I prefer Omaha ring games.


Try joining a league here. Lots of fun and competition.

I am trying to find something better than the nine-player games where all nine players play every street.

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You can start your own private leagueor game and make it a prerequisite that it’s upheld like you want.

Agree, I like 6MAX the most! Playing 9MAX is quite ridiculous on RP most of the time. Its rare you will raise preflop and not have most of the table calling you!

Flush is one of the worst and hardest missions to accomplish. Not worth bothering with IMO.

For some reason, flushes are easy for your villain when they are chasing a flush.

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I thought this thread was about Missions ? So I don’t get how that corresponds.


most of the time I ignore missions. i will especially ignore the flushes missions. You will lose even more than usual chasing for pocket money.

Topic drift has been happening with conversations since people first started to communicate.

I don’t pay too much attention to them.
You are correct, the risk/reward isn’t very good. You will lose more chips chasing a mission.