Most challenging Mission

Hi Replay Poker Community,

Daily Missions feature has been launched for some time now.

Which mission do you guys consider to be the most challenging?

In my opinion, “Make a flush 15 times in Hold’em Ring Games” is the most challenging of all.

What do you guys think?

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I think everyone gets slightly different tasks to complete, but for me, the stumbling block has always been the "Be dealt ‘a certain hand’ multiple times, for example King 9. Can be there all day and not hit it, especially more than once. The rewards haven’t really gone up but the tasks just get more and more time consuming and really unfathomable.

What I find helps to complete them quicker is to play heads-up or against the fewest possible players. Heads up means you get dealt hands a lot faster and the turnaround is much faster, rather than having to wait for 5+ players to do their thing, plus the odds of you landing a good hand or the hand you need are increased if there are only 2 of you at the table.

I spent over 2 hours one day trying to get Q-J lol

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I don’t doubt that for a second, I know I spent that at least trying to hit one particular hand.

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We were talking a lot about pocket aces and a mission was pocket aces i think 2 days ago (maybe 3 ) and i swear i played for 6 hours n could not get them:).

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Mission Impossible sometimes.

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@BeerEagle69 @bill8888 ,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Agree, some missions are truly impossible.

I have yet to complete the “Get 15 Flush in ring games” mission ever before lol


No problem.

15 Flushes, forget it lol.