Mind Games


Old or young, tell us what you’re doing to keep your brain in top shape! Can be aspirational, amusing, or actual. (Playing poker, of course, is the one thing we’re all doing.)

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I keep sharp by running 4 international companies and I like to build things with my hands for my own personal enjoyment.


read great literature in the Romance Languages and Latin, perform TaeKwonDo forms, write

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Wow. Well done! You come to poker for a break, I think!

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Personally, I am participating in some web-based research on prevention of Alzheimers. I don’t take any drugs or placebos, just participate in intermittent testing and lessons on what to do/not do to keep my brain healthy. So far the assessments suggest I haven’t deteriorated in five years, but don’t let them ask my husband about that! I also knit (I admit that’s been getting more challenging) and volunteer (stepped away from crucial tasks, however). Family history of dementia has me on high alert. Trying to get my leafy greens every day, exercise, and meditate. Good thing I’m retired. Little time for all this brain health stuff when your nose is to the grindstone, I fear.


I find that taking a spoon several times through the day of the richest source of medium chain fatty acids helps memory and My poker game… Coconut oil…

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