What do you do this weekend!

Not so much Poker this weekend for me,me and Kondrad,my cat,my name is Johan :slight_smile: escaped to the summer house,lost my mom earlier this week,its tuff! poker makes me always happy,even if i am not the best but sometimes i am ,you now you have the moment :slight_smile: Dont forget to hug your mom if you have her still,it hurts to lose her! so my question sorry for me!! Whar do you do this weekend! Me i tried to fish,but the storm was bad still are so i will see you on the tables!! Be magic out there!!


My deepest sympathy my friend :pray:t2:


So sorry for your heartbreaking loss. I lost my mom at 7, and after all these years, I am 69 now, there are still times when I will see something that brings her memory to the front of my thoughts. Time does heal, and hopefully instead of pain, you will only have memories of the good times. It was just me and my mom, so you are lucky to have Konrad. Cats have amazing healing powers, and I am sure Konrad will bring you great comfort.


Just checking in on you Johan …

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Thank you Craig :slight_smile:

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