Medic, Medic, player down... send help

Easiest 9k I’ve ever made… before what u see, I had said “gl” then “almost thought everyone was skurr’d for awhile” ( cause I waited 10 min to play HU for 10k )… then after hand I said “owe !!”

Buyin - 10,000 … SnG … 2 players, 1st hand

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LOL - nice to have someone do the work for you when you have the nuts. Congrats on the 9K. Try not to blow it all at once :slight_smile:

I cant figure out why the shove. A 1/2 pot size bet will do the trick most of the time and if you are called or raised, you are still healthy in the game. Guess he figured he could run over the poor defenseless damsel. Little did he know …

Sure … I gave him all the rope he need’d, but no need to shove… that almost looked more desperate than 80% of his stack. I just thought it was halarious & should be shared.

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And the next sentence Sassy said was … Wanna go again DONK???

odd bluff of the other player but great 4u :wink:

Very nice hand!! Well played. Congrats on the 9k!

Lets be real here … I have 4.5m and that was 9k, no big deal either way…

OUCH !!! Hahahahaha :slight_smile:

lol :grin:

why not play bigger stakes???

Uhh, cause I was bored and thought, this will kill 10 minutes.

lol :slight_smile:

Sassy_Sarah, I nominate your Darwin Award! Not this player is suitable for treatment, only you for your infinite stupidity and the melancholy of someone who can not play, you should find yourself in a psychiatric hospital! If you had dignity long ago your post was deleted - but in your boundless stupidity you are still making yourself laugh

Maybe you should challange her to a heads up match. It would be fun to watch her take you apart.


I would pay a couple bucks to watch that. sounds like the beginnings of a pay per view event. Only problem is, it would turn out to be an early Mike Tyson fight.

I, for one, do not want to see any more baby seals get clubbed to death.

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Played against both Sarah and SIC and the phrase “One legged man at an ass kicking competition” does come to mind but I want to see it too.

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I aint skirt
u will b

OMG I don’t know why Im laughing so hard its so funny, you couldn’t write this stuff any better, he said I aint skirt, she says u will be, then blows him apart hahaha (OMG I can’t stop laughing, whoo deep breath, vnh) great post!

Love Sassy_Sarah posts. Enlightening and funny. But the truth is that we all see this kind of crazy play when it is play money. I wish there were a way to exclude it but my limited brain can’t figure out how. To encourage that type of behavior, however, I do find myself slow playing those kind of hands to illicit the same response. I have a little notebook I use to help me remember the names of players that play so recklessly. I love to take their chips over and over again.

There is somebody else here who keeps lists too. [eyes roll]


lol… I don’t use a notebook though just put the note directly on the player , while [ rolling eyes ]

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