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I have been playing well, in No Limit Ring and Tournament.

I played a Bankroll Builder, and seriously could not understand what had gone on.

I got absolutely pasted. I then re-read the Lobby info and saw that it was a Limit game; it was like I had been chucked back in the minnow pond.

I am not at all a bitter loser (honest : ) ) but would it be normal for a fairly good no limit player to get battered if they had not sussed that they were in a limit game?

I wondered where my All In Button had gone (on legit hands!)


Morning Clari. There are a lot of skilled players and seasoned players in Bankroll Builder tourneys. I have had my butt kicked a few times early in the tourney. I like them. I like playing against hundreds of other players of all skill levels and enjoy the chat.

I don’t know why you couldn’t see the all in button. It’s there and a lot use it.


Hi Craig…I am not at all worried about getting a pasting, what I wondered was is Limit strategy totally different to No Limit.

I place quite a bit, and was playing solid, tight, aggressive ABC, and got well and truly pasted.

The All In button was not there, because it was a Limit game!!!

So, are there Limit specialists vs. No Limit specialists?

Agree with you on the skill level here - much stronger than the major cash site I play at.

I love ellitte players they are always take all my chips! :slight_smile: They are teach me and teach me but im a chickin cant get them.

There are ( All in buttons on every table ). I guess I don’t understand you on that one. I think their are great players on all the tables, limit or no limit. Once you play on them more you will see patterns of play for certain players.

Bankroll builder tourneys are Mixed Limit games.

Quote Replaypoker Help Section

Mixed Limit (ML)

Mixed Limit games are derived from the Pot Limit and No Limit games and are designed to restrict pre-flop raising to keep the initial betting relatively low before the flop, but allow players to make all-in bets after they have seen a flop.

In a Replay Poker ML 10/20 game, the small blind is 10 chips and big blind is 20 chips. Before the flop the betting is Pot Limit, so it may be possible to take a cheap look at a flop with some value cards. Post flop, the betting changes to No Limit and players may move all-in at any time.

So I think both Clarissima and Craig are right :slight_smile:




Limit games are far more technical than no-limit games. There are less “grey areas,” so every move is either correct or not correct. Math rules limit; psychological aspects are way less important. The main reason for this is that it’s not easy (sometimes not possible) to use bet sizing to significantly alter the pot odds, and implied odds then become much less of a factor.

This also makes bluffing less profitable.

So yeah, it’s a totally different game.

So a bit like Cepheus, that I was playing against today.

Only one tactic works. Win once and quit while you are up :slight_smile:

The difference between limit and no limit is largely what you can play for beginning hands. Limit is very much a game of “good cards”; if you have them, you can play, if you don’t, you fold. Simplicity itself. In no limit, you aren’t as worried about “good cards” as you are hoping for a “good situation”–one where you can get a big payoff when you hold the best hand regardless of what it is. The other big difference is when you’re behind in a limit game, it is MUCH more difficult to get back to even. For example, small pairs are often worthless in no limit, but are very playable in limit games.
The difference impacts “how to play” almost as if it was a completely different game that happens to share the same deck and ranks of the hands. The vast majority of home games and low limit casino games are played as “fixed limit,” If you try to play them like you were Phil Ivy at the WSOP, you’ll go home in barrel wondering how you got naked so fast.
Try reading Doyle Brunson’s Super System, or any of Sklansky and Malmouth’s Hold’em books. It isn’t you, it’s the profound difference in the games.
Good luck.

Thanks for bringing up Limit Poker.

I play only limit poker at Borgata in Atlantic City and have played there for decades at the rate of six to eight times a year. I wish I lived closer because if I did I would play two or three times a week. I can count on one hand how many times I have lost money and usually double or triple my stakes playing limit poker.

I will further offer that any player here who has earned, say, 20 million chips or more can do as well or better than me. The reason for this is because at any time, among the seven or eight players at a limit player, five or six haven’t a clue about how to play. More, they seem hell bent on breaking hundred dollar bills.

The closest comparison to an all in bettor is the player who bets and/or raises every play. But usually a good player or the sharp at the table will take those bettors down. There are sharps at most tables in AC and most other casinos. The only must thing you have to do is to pick him or her out and stay out of the hands they are in.

If you want an income for life, play limit poker. If you want ego rushes, play no-limit or pot-limit.


LOL, yup :slight_smile:

[quote=“Alan25main, post:9, topic:6315”]
Limit is very much a game of “good cards”
[/quote]and Ring Games + Limit = 200% play good cards…

Unline SunPowerGuru, I only play mainly MTT/SnG but always NL… and never rebuys for real $$$. I do like the 1-2 unlim tables @ TheVenitian, but usually its MTT/SnG.

Nothing is more frustrating than having good cards and not being able to protect them by making it expensive to call … I tried playing limit, and it was a pure grind… 8 hrs later I was up 27$…Thats just not fun for me, maybee if I was doing it for a living it might be different, but I doubt it.

I quit playing on Replay a couple months ago, but when I did play here, it was almost always NL MTTs.

I agree, limit is a grind. :slight_smile:

[quote=“Sassy_Sarah, post:12, topic:6315”]
Unline SunPowerGuru
[/quote]I can’t edit after u already quoted me… “unlike SunPowerGuru” is what it shud say.

And if you quit I will miss you, you are a great player… and smart too.

That’s what i thought you meant. We both mostly play NL MTTs, which is why I was a bit confused on why you would say “unlike.”

Thanks for the kind words Sarah. I will miss playing with you too, you are smart and a great player yourself. I’ll continue to stop by the forum now and then, at least for awhile, so you won’t miss me all that much. :slight_smile:

Why are you leaving ?

I also stoped to play as people tell am a bad player. Now im just buying chips sometimes and threw them away (as bad player have to do).

Don’t let 'em get you down, gal. Who cares what otheers think if you are true to yourself.


I meant, in real, for real $$$… you said u preferred limit, I don’t.

Spot on what happened to me. I got hammered at limit!

I have only been playing poker for two or three months and I thought that I had understood the basics

I am a physicist and interested in theoretical quantum physics, algorithmic AI, and how observation (human) works in this - and it plays a big part.

I got my rank up to about 20,000 from zero, playing freerolls, bankroll builder, and some ring games.

Elsewhere, and I don’t want to show off, but I have placed high in an online cash site, only on freerolls and small sit and go. Best is final table a few times with ten player tables and big fields. Biggest field was 2200+ and I got 16th.

From my perspective, limit is the truest reflection of the saying that poker is as close to gambling as is climbing a mountain without ropes.

On reflection, I like it and will continue to play it to strengthen my strategy, and game theory.

Good post thanks, would love to get to go to a real casino with an experienced player to show me the ropes.

Here is my biggest pot here so far :slight_smile: Hand #272046206 · Replay Poker

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