Limit Betting!

I really think you all should put a limit on betting on games. It is totally bull that ppl cant enjoy playing because of the bingo players. What fun is it to have them go all in every hand ? Not fair to other players ! ! !

There are limit games and no limit games.

Full Limit, Pot Limit, Mixed Limit and No Limit games.

It would be strange to limit the bets for No Limit games.

You can play the limit game tables if you not like the no limit tables.

Replay Poker developed the mixed limit (Pot Limit Pre-Flop, No Limit Post-Flop) a while ago, there are mixed limit ring games but not played often.

Greetings Happiness.

While we don’t plan on limiting betting for example in no-limit games, we’d love to hear your ideas about how to discourage all-in bingo playing. So please do share your thoughts on this topic…