................its NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!

if you are one of the many poker tragics who cant handle a bit of ALL- IN action preflop or any other time for that matter - and you liken it to other heinous crimes punishable by law then, then do i have a solution for you…

you should be playing FIXED LIMIT POKER! why should i have to limp into a pot with AA? only to be beaten with a 7-2 off suit? going ALL-IN only stops people playing their JUNK hands after all these are NO LIMIT tables - KEEP THEM THAT WAY ! no point making hybrid tables - these arguments are utter lunacy half the poker noobs that are complaining wouldn’t even know about these FIXED LIMIT tables

instead of creating more work (hybrid tables and what not) management needs to guide these followers of Mao’s Red Book to FIXED LIMIT TABLES …over and out !

People tend to go all in all the time, particularly on the low stakes tables - with any two cards, I think that’s why people are getting annoyed with it.

It just doesn’t happen in the real world. Going all in preflop should be avoided until absolutley neccessary. It spoils the game when people are just shoving for the sake of shoving. Only happens so much with play money.

If I’m on a low stakes table on replay and get aces, I’m not shoving because I know I’m getting called most of the time - probably by 7-2!

But I agree with you. No limit is no limit and should stay that way. Just be patient and grind your way to the high stakes tables. The game is taken more seriously when you’ve got million sized pots. It’s much better and no one complains about going all in because it’s done properly.