Is this play legit or remotely possible?

Maybe I am just a bit of sore loser on this hand but I just cannot fathom the play. 3.5x open by opponent only part remotely understandable. The rest I cannot see anyway he would, could or should have been there. Game # 947768040

One opinion:

When the money isn’t real, anything at any price will be played by some people. They simply don’t care about their chips. And really - what exactly is the risk to them? Nothing. And those of us (myself included) that try to play as if the money were real because we find that more fun (and “profitable,” as much as you can “profit” from imaginary money) inevitably end up having this happen to us at times. I find myself being very, very careful on Replay as the risk of getting caught in something like this is much greater.

Then again - I’ve seen Dwan play 72 more than once and make it work - usually bluffing his ass off. Maybe that was this guys intention from the start but he got lucky?


That all sounds reasonable to me. :+1:t2: well said.


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People play fake money USUALLY a little different than cash games ( except drunks and donks lol ).