Is it bingo to all in pre-flop when holding AK or a high pair?

Just asking, because for myself I have had much more success with scarring a few off the flop then waiting to see it.



Raise to scare people off the flop.
You cannot bingo with AK, because then you get called only by hands that crush you, and bleed massive amounts of chips.
You cannot bingo with AA, because you need it to protect your RFI range.
In fact, AK is quite a strong hand, and you also need to hold it back to protect your RFI range!
If you bingo all your super strong hands, then people can punish you by aggressively 3-betting your opening range.


If it’s a calculated risk in a certain position in a tournament, then no.

If it’s time and time again repeatedly, then yes.


I think if you’re going to play what they call bingo, you might as well do it with a premium hand.

I mostly play MTT’s which is a whole different style of game over the ring games.
I usually save my preflop shoves for when I’m short-stacked, or for when somebody else short-stacked shoves. Just shoving whenever with whatever just isn’t my cup of tea. Shoving usually means everybody else folds so you win, but only a little.

What gets everybody’s goat, including mine, is when you shove preflop with a premium hand then get beat by garbage. It certainly happens, but going in you’re the favorite, but there’s a lot of luck involved in this game.


The best time to go “ all in “ with you and 2 other players is on 4th street.



Depends on whether you are playing Ring or MTT games? And, also your bank size, your position and if you’re not the BB or SB what is their bank size. Ask yourself will they call? Are you putting them all-in because they may think twice before they call.

What I’ve found here on Replay is you will seldom push players off their hands if they have something probably because we are playing with Free Chips.

To answer your Post Title, No, it’s not a Bingo move.


I say no…bingo to me is all in all the time


Yes, it’s Bingo. You have a really good hand with AK preflop, but, you haven’t built a pot, and unless it improves you are beaten by any pair and possible straights & flushes that you don’t hit, and good players aren’t going to get in the hand as they’re going to put you on a monster hand. It’s best to see the flop before you do anything with AK, other than a standard raise, especially on Replay when so many players play any two cards. Besides, betting like that because you’re scared isn’t good poker play. If you are first in, by all means bet though. That way, depending on position, you can make wiser decisions post flop. If you hit an A or K on the flop and it folds around to you, you now have the opportunity to bet with top pair and top kicker, call, or fold. Going all in with that kind of hand is wasted if you only win a handful of chips.


Oh i totally agree with you on that!


i don’t think i would go all in with AK preflop but i don’t call it bingo lol. More like bad strategy lol

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I’m glad I don’t take or would recommend anyone to take u folks advice :slight_smile:


As mentioned depends on the circumstances, its a BIG decision. If you play it every time you get AK or AA, you will fail IMO. Bingo to me is all in 70% of hands played.

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I call any open shoving “bingo”.
If stack sizes are small, (about 15- BB, depends a bit on position and antes), then I think bingo is the correct play.
With big stacks (>50 BB), bingo is never the correct play.

If many people play any two cards, then you must raise bigger!
A hand like AKo performs great in heads up, but your equity vanishes if the pot goes multi-way.
In a 5 way pot vs:
77 (which is a flip)
JTs (which it beats)
43s (which it beats)
A5s (which it dominates)
AKo only has 23% equity. Not only that, but AKo realizes its equity better in heads-up, because there’s a much better chance your Ace-High is good after the flop, so you can push lower hands out before they draw a pair.
Meanwhile, other hands like the ones shown above can overrealize their equity by semi-bluffing their draws. Your semi-bluffs are drawing to only top pair top kicker (and rarely, a nut flush), and you’re vulnerable to being coolered by hands like a set.

I tend to min-raise in tournaments where people call quite conservatively, but in ring games you should be upping your sizing. Upping your sizing also comes with the obvious advantage that you get paid better for your good hands.

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Considering this is a poker strategy thread - and not a how to win friends thread - I wouldn’t bother caring too much about “bingo” and how to possibly define it.

There is a reason you wont see good players/pros using the term bingo to teach good poker strategy. Bingo is just a term made popular by bad players that let there emotions override analytical thinking & strategy. Its not an ineffective word to use when trying to discuss poker strategy.

Is someone getting upset bc they don’t like your style of play and start calling you a bingo player? Then take advantage against this player and exploit.

A winning strategy only cares about making winning decisions and not how much players feel comfortable with your play/actions & strategy .

AK is a fairly standard 3Bet frequently. You will frequently get called by a lot by worse like AT AQ KQ BUT if u are scaring too much AKA getting too many folds it prob means you are either too tight or the weak players are just folding way too much & complaining, calling you a bingo player hence you can be 3Betting with a wider range.


You can 3-bet with AKo, but you cannot iso-shove (“bingo”) with it if stacks are very deep. (>100 BB, as is often the case in ring games).

The issue here is sizing. If you bingo with AKo, then you leave yourself liable to being called with a tight range that beats you (eg. JJ+, AK) and now you’re the one getting exploited.

Not only that, but bingoing your super premiums makes it more difficult to extract value from more marginal iso-raises. You can extract a ton of fold equity by ISOing with adequate hands like AJo, but this of course would leave you vulnerable to exploitation if you do not have premiums like AA to protect your 3-betting / ISO range.

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RFI? Please define. Thanks

i thought “donk” was the original naming for bingo players? -playing against the odd’s-

RFI = Raise First In
“donk” = Bet into the preflop aggressor when out of position.

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Raise First In