How to Play A K (Big Slick)

Hi everyone, how do you play A K when you missed the flop and you isolated a guy that calls a c-bet on the flop no matter what?

Check raise.

If you know your opponent always calls, you can bet if he will call with worse. If he only calls your raise preflop with at least a pocket pair then check- fold is fine (but you probably don’t have that much info).

Or you can check and call at least one bet, which is my default. Many players will take a stab with nothing if you check, and AK is the nut nothing. You could also catch a card on the turn or river depending on how it plays out.

AK has enough showdown value that you don’t always have to turn it into a bluff if you miss, but cbets are usually a good idea because most players just fold if they miss. AK is definitely tricky to play when you miss the flop.


All in or fold.

When you all figure this out please let me know. I’ll put it in file #3657 on this problem.

I normally check/raise but not too heavy. If the guy has something he will normally re-raise then you can decide depending on how he has been playing.