Bingo Playing

What is considered a all in bingo hand? Some say any all in before flop is a bingo hand… IS it? Are aces a bingo hand , how about kings? What is a bingo hand? Is 7-8 off all in a bingo hand? I think REPLAY needs to reevaluate bingo hands…I have won several hand with 7-8 and now it is called a bingo hand. By who, the ones who lost? I also got in trouble because I called a tobacco chewing cowboy… I was warned not to do that sort again… What sort? He had a cowboy hat on ( pic) and I said he was a cowboy… LOL… So if you are a man someone better not call you sir… It is that dumb … What says you?

Your cards,your chips,your time…play the way you want. There are a lot of cry babies on here
so hit mute and play on.
As for comments made ….I agree that Replay sometimes goes too far and sometimes not far enough. Some players are very thinned skinned lol

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I came here to +1 @NtheRed comment. Let the babies cry!

Yes… Along with ANY Preflop Raise , which also qualifies. Any time you bet/call/limp/raise preflop, its a … Blind Risk… so if anything qualifies as a Bingo, then that surely does !!

If ppl cannot hack NL, then go play PL/ML/FL…
There is no bingo, only degrees of agression
Add my +1 to… Let them cry.

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I agree Sassy, Cryman and NtheRed. Your cards, your chips, your call.

Most chronic bingo players are usually low ranked.

An all in pre-flop bet is not necessarily a bingo bet. When a player goes all in every hand pre-flop, that’s what most players consider bingo. It is frustrating to some players but that is the name of the game… “No Limit”.

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Bingo play is what the guy who beats you is doing…


your cards, soon to be my chips, your call

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