I'm not receiving my daily bonus anymore. has RP quit awardin rding bonus for logging on every day? this problem has been going on for

for aprox the last two weeks, i haven’t been getting my daily dollars for logging in to the RP game site. have you stopped giving away free money?

No, the chips bonus still working, The staff very busy right now, but Im sure they check it out shortly(next week sometime).

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Hi bubbabeanne.

Andrew checked it and i’ll send you the logs by message. You got the bonus for the days you logged in. When you not log in for 1 day, your daily bonus starts with 500 chips and when you log in the next day you get 1000 chips. When you log in every day you get the daily bonus of 2500 every day.

Greetings Happiness.

hi RP, thanks for the reply. yes, i know how the $ levels work, but when i went on to the site, i got NO award.

Also, am concerned about my tickets ($15000). the last 2 months i thot i had 4 or 5 tickets, now i only show 1. what happened?

do the tickets have a expiration date?? if so, it’d sure be nice to know that, possibly have a page wherre players can go to check their expiration dates(a suggestion).

I change the thread to “no status” but you have to wait for staff member check your chips log. ATB

Tickets expire after 60 days. You can find the info on your bank page (click on “Get Chips” in the header), tickets show left under on that page. And it shows how long your tickets still valid.

thank you for the quick reply. but, i still think a FYI or NOTE: would be nice, cuuz i wasn’t aware of the expiration (in 60 days). i suggest that a NOTE: or FYI: be added to your congrats emails. “your tickets will EXPIRE in 60 days”…USE IT OR LOSE IT. if i had known that, i would have entered 4/5 tournys and got some fun/winnings(maybe) from the tickets. also, on 1/8/14 & 1/9/14 i logged on and still didn’t see the screen showing a chips bonus…??

I think that’s a great suggestion bubbabeanne, we’ll add a note about the expiry to the email. Also we’ll add a note about the expiry in the promotion page here: http://www.replaypoker.com/promotions/daily-millions

I’ve credited you with 5 extra tokens, so please do use them in the 60 day expiry period. Enjoy!

About the bonus chips - not showing up, it does happen occasionally but the chips are still credited. We hope to fix this issue soon.

I still have not received my 2500 daily bonus.

work for me

I checked k2bilv1 and you did get it, for some reason the notification didn’t appear but it was credited to your account. This is an issue we still need to investigate as it happens occasionally, but the main thing the chips were awarded and the daily bonus was registered in the system.

So, notification did not pop up for them? may some blocking it tu pop-up?