Daily bonus change?

I noticed a few days ago that the rules for the 2500 chip daily bonus seem to have changed - for the worse for players. It now appears that one must log in 24 hours or more since the last bonus, rather than just the next calendar day, to get the bonus. This is not the way things have historically worked, and I am now forced to log in late at night or lose my bonus entirely. What happened here??

I believe RP use UTC ( Coordinated Universal Time) as their day rather that a specific time zone. With about 40 different time zones worldwide it would be difficult to program each time zone indepently so a standard time is used. The RP day is still 24 hours long but daylight saving time changes may cause it to appear earlier or later by as much as 2 hours depending on your location.

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No, it is not the change to daylight time or anything like that. The old regime (just last week !) would give bonus chips after about 16 hours, provided you logged in the next calendar day local. Now, it is a rigid 24 hours. Big difference.

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We haven’t made any changes to the daily bonus. It resets at midnight ET, and you can see on your pop-up how many hours it is until the next reset. Just tested it:

(Midnight ET is about 10 hours from now.)