I was put all-in on a hand I wanted to fold

I was involved in hand #6470095 Tuesday night and was going to fold on the turn and all of the sudden all of chips went in to the pot. I am not exactly certain how many chips there were but there were well over 1 million. I attempted to fold my hand before the river and the next thing I new I was all in on a hand I wanted nonthing to to do with. I lost a $hitload and I wanted nothing to do do with this hand. The computer just put me all in. Not cool!!!

Hi handofdoom

I’m sorry to hear that, but can you check the hand number again (you can find it on your Activity page) , it must be 8 numbers.

Than the staff can check the hand and maybe find out what happened.

You use a mouse when you play or a touchpad on your laptop?

Greetings Happiness.

So I did a little investigation and here’s the correct hand: http://www.replaypoker.com/hand/replay/64700595

It looks like jamesj raised more than you stack at the table at the time, and perhaps you accidentally set the pre action checkbox to auto call, rather than auto fold. Is that possible? If you’re certain that it couldn’t have been a mistake like this then send an email to support@replaypoker.com and Andrew can look into it and possibly issue a refund.