Did I play this Royal Flush wrong?

I feel like I could have gotten more chips from the other player. Did I play this hand wrong. Here is the clip: https://www.replaypoker.com/hand/replay/391521715


Beautiful hand! It may have worked in your favor to slow play him a bit more, but in the end, you gave him fair warning. He can’t hate you for it!


Congrats on the Royal Flush! It’s hard to say without knowing anything about your opponent but in my opinion, I don’t think it could have gotten much better, with straight and flush draws on the flop already. You called her/his pot-sized bet on the flop easily so she/he was probably cautious anyway, and she/he called your nicely sized turn bet after tanking for a bit as well. Your raise on the river was obviously heavy, she/he might have called a smaller raise? On the other hand and knowing a little more about the opponent, I might have thought about checking behind on the turn as there wasn’t any river card that could have beaten you and this way you might have induced a bluff (instead of her/his min bet on the river).


I concur with Jonahh 100%. We could quibble about the size of your final raise, but realistically, I doubt you lost more than a few hundred, and perhaps not even that much. Well done.


Thanks for the insightful input guys! I appreciate it. I do agree that I went in heavy on the river. The reason I did that was because the guy was calling everyone’s all in bet previously, even on the river, so I thought he would call mine as well. I guess my all-in stack was quite big so maybe that’s why he folded. I feel as though, he would have called another 3000 bet or even raised my 3000 bet on the river thinking I didn’t have a better hand since I didn’t go all in.


i think you played it really well on every part of the hand.

the only flip side to consider betting less is because the Ks on the turn clearly was a scare card to him.
but considering the betsize compared to the potsize, it seems defenitely like the right play.
even if you knew for a fact he has the QX hand he reps, i still think the betsize was fine. and since you had a read on him already that he was a calling station, it makes your shove even better.

well done :+1:


Congrats on your Royal Flush! In general, I think you played it as well as possible.

At higher stakes, a 3-bet preflop to about 2200 might have been better. AJ suited is a pretty strong starting hand, and has decent playability across a wide variety of flops (broadway/flush draws, if you hit top pair you’re probably good). If the UTG player 4-bets on you, you’re probably in rough shape, and can reasonably fold. On the other hand, if other players know you’re capable of 3-betting AJ, they might be more willing to call your 3-bets when you hold much stronger hands.

Unfortunately, 3-bets at that stake level (that tourney costs <3K chips) are extremely rare, and generally indicate the 3-betting player has rockets or cowboys, so again - you probably played this as well as could be expected given the stakes.

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You obviously had the best hand. I would raise a little maybe to 1200 and let the opponent re-raise you, then re-raise again till you are all in. I’ve been in battles like this before and get maximum chips every time. Nice hand btw. :slight_smile: