I entered a tourney that never played and it took my chips

I entered into the unforgiven tournament on 5-4-2014 in the a.m/ it took 5000 chips the tourney never ran and it took my chips

Tournament ID: 205550

You have to wait for staff to check out.

Hi lynn

There was a problem and some tournaments started later. Probably you was gone by the time it started. Please send a message to support (using the ? in the header), they can refund you the buy-in of 5k.

Sorry for the inconvience. Greetings Happiness.

Hi Lynn,

Sorry for the trouble yesterday, we had a bit of a hiccup and some of our tournaments started very late. I’ve gone ahead and refunded your buy-in for The Unforgiven, so you should be all set. Thanks very much for your patience and good luck at the tables.

Cheers, Lesley