Hi, i paid 5000 to play a tourney today 4/12/13 1130pm and my table did not come out and i lost my chips, what happened?

hi, i paid 5000 to play a tourney today 4/12/13 1130pm and my table did not come out and i lost my chips, what happened?

Hi raven.

Can you give some more info about what happened?

I checked and saw you was registered for the Omaha Match tourney. (buy-in 5k) You was not able to open the room when the tourney started? What did you see? The table kept trying to connect? And in what browser are you playing? You played tourneys before and that went well? For this one i’ll ask refund for you.

Let us know what happened, then maybe we can prevent it happening again. Greetings Happiness.

the table opened and in a second or two was gone, I played other tourneys

and never had this happen. when it opened

i did not see my name it just said you must register and it disconnected, it was there for maybe 10 15 seconds.I went back to try and find it but there was nothing there, never had any problems, pretty smooth every time.A refund would be great, thanks for looking at this issue,hope you find the problem. thanks again…

Aaaw, indeed really odd, must be a glitch. I forward this issue to the tech team.

Next time this happens (hope not…lol) you can close the table and the tourney lobby.

As you did before.

Go to the Multie Table Tournament page (when you have open that page refresh the page) and re-open the tournament lobby there. Than double click on your name in the list of the lobby and the right table appears (if there is no glitch of course)

If you have problems again, let us know. Greetings Happiness.

I’ve refunded your chips raven101. Sorry about that, we’re looking into what might have caused it.

hello, i’m a new member. the web pages are still alittle confusing to me. I had a similar incident as raven 101 the first I or 2 times I signed up for a turnney. tonite I had a problem with loosing out on the Friday special-bounty3 turnney. I never got clear/accurate notification when the turnney was to START. looking at the notices, it said at 10:00 oclock EST (im at PDT), but I really wanted to play in that turnney, but the explanations were VERY confusing: you kept adding players & tables. so it looked like the start time was being pushed back so more players could join. I kept checking, but it still looked like the start time was in 20 minutes, kept showing 20 minutes, so I kept playing at a ring table game & kept watching the replay box for a notice of the start for bounty3. I think there was one for a 10 minute notice. I went to the turnney notice and again (the page is confusing) it appeared that the start time was 10 minutes away, etc. so, I went back to the ring game. there I never saw the notice that the turnney was starting. finally I went back and closely read the notice and it said the turnney had started… I was shocked; very upset. finally upon reading the notice I see it said the turnney was running for 1 HOUR!! even MORE shocked. so, my question is, is there a refund for dummy newbies like me? what normally happens when you register for a turnney and don’t click-in to play in time? what happens to your buy-in? secondly, as a newbie, i’m in a perfect position to suggest improvements, etc. here are a few: tag/flag those players electronically who have signed up and have a blinking or flashing message sent to their table. as, part of the reason players wander off and play at the ring games is because the turnney doesn’t start on time; I can relate to this as i’m sure you want to have as many players sign-up as possible, certainly a small number of players is not as pleasant an experience for the players, and the turnney payoffs are smaller. I think the web page should be made simpler and the JOIN the TOURNAMENT BOX SHOULD BE much MORE PROMINENT. I’ve almost missed a turnney because the time was pushed back, and when I got to the web page, couldn’t easily find the ENTER box. possibly using a count down (10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 start) would give the players a much clearer idea of when the turnney is about to begin. unlike raven101, i’m not out 5,000, but I really wanted to play in the turnney…with all those players & tables it would have been a new experience for me, and I feel a lot of fun, and gaining a lot of experience and knowledge in a short time. my limited experience in the turnneys has been very pleasurable and I feel they were very beneficial to me with just a little amount of time invested. so, hope this e-mail wasn’t too long. I do think you have one of the BEST poker sites on the internet. the visuals and layout on the tables are the best I’ve seen. it’s just the web pages, they could be easier to read, and more user-friendly to jump between pages, and back. currently, doing that is rather round about. it could be simpler and faster. anyway, thanks for your time, and kind attention, and keep up the good work. b