How to win

Well ,I just dont know how to win!!
Generally i’m a passive player, wait 4 the cards.
Gambling is , for most people a loosing game.
Cassino’s etc would not exist otherwise.
How come on replay many people have millions yet claim they never buy chips?
How do they build that stack, when most players loose most off the time?
One can only play the cards they are dealt, surley!
Anywayjust interested cause about to stop playing cause its just not fun when one looses consistently.

The truth is this: You CAN build a chip stack if you collect the daily bonus EVERY day, if you play ring games and Freerolls, and if you keep at it for a few years. If you become familiar with some of the people at a regular game, you’ll know who to trust. And I guarantee you need to study the game. There are some excellent books and blogs on the topic. You CAN win enough to move ahead. Hang in there!

Yeah I guess but i’m just not a lucky person, proven over my, 65yrs! Some people are, something Ijust dont understand.

@okiato-fisher Hey maybe I could be able to help you out teach some things let me know if you want. Just add me in-game and we can play heads-up together and maybe i can teach a few things

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try to start with only 2 things:
1: play standard ABC poker
2: use standard bankroll management

this might sound very simple, but it’s meant to be. when you do this you probably already beat the vast majority on this site, when you completely mastered this, you can try to add more fancy moves into your game.

when you like more information, you could also decide to save some of your hands played here and post them to get a more in depth information from me and the other players here. many players here just like to help.

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Just as no one is consistently lucky, no one is consistently unlucky, either. Luck is random. You must have at least a little luck, or you’d never have made it to 65.
Many of the players here–perhaps, even most–either never bought chips or only bought some after they already had more than just a few. One of the best players at the site bought several million when he first started so he’d be able to play in bigger games without having to take months to build up his stack. It has taken me more than two years to grow my stack to a bit over what he bought (the irony is that I have no desire to play at the risk level he is comfortable with, so I don’t consider that time wasted). If you choose to purchase chips, no one will know or care.
Poker is not a simple game. It takes about 5 minutes to learn the basic rules, another hour to learn most of the customs and courtesies and such, but a lifetime to learn to play the game well. This is the part you’re missing.
Replay Poker has Knowledge Database (think of it as a library) with basic advice (for free, by the way) on all sorts of topics. You might find it useful to invest some time reading and learning there before spending your chips inefficiently.
If you approach the game by thinking it’s like a lottery where every ticket has the same small chance to win (in other words, it’s dependent upon luck alone), you’ll suffer the fate of almost all lottery players by losing. Starting hands in poker are not created equal. Some ARE more likely to win than others. Note that no starting hand is guaranteed to be the best finishing hand, but it can be more likely. So, first, learn what those “better” starting hands are and be patient until you hold one of them.
Don’t be afraid to send friend requests to players (like yiazmat, NoBluf, JanCee or me) who can respond with personal/private messages of advice and guidance. The worst that can result is you won’t like our advice–which leaves you no worse off than now.


Well said, Alan!


Thanks for the feedback people,I hear what you say.
I do have some luck, at one point last year I had 800k,

I am generally a very patient player & wait for a good hand.

Lately however I’ve been getting rubbish hole cards time after time, like 20 hands!

When good cards do come I seem to get beaten bythe river often,hence I LOOSE

Anyway ,just a bad run, been a long one though, sure hope it changes with a few suggested mods.

Cheers Geoff.

@okiato-fisher: when I was just starting out a book that helped me is “The Pocket Idiot’s Guide to Texas Hold’em”. The “Idiot” in the title is just to be clever, it’s not meant to insult the reader, btw.

One suggestion I have: you say when that you finally get good hole cards you get beaten by the river too often. Often those good cards should be folded before the river, taking a small loss, if you sense that an opponent has a better hand than you. Do you attempt to read what cards the other players might have? How they react to the flop and the turn? And whether or not they made a raise pre-flop? It can get complex, but sometimes you get hints that your opening hand has lost value along the way.

Also, the word is “lose”, not “loose”

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You can’t win if you only wait for the cards. You can’t win if you only play the cards you are dealt.


the best way to win is not to play:)

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A mistake I’ve frequently made (and still make) is falling in love with my hand early on and being blind to the possibilities in the other player’s hands. Say I’m dealt pocket AAs, I’m all like, “MINE! MINE!” But then at showdown there’s two pair, 3 kind, a straight or flush or even FH I should have spotted and didn’t.

When someone raises, they might be bluffing or they may be really trying to do you a favor and tell you something.


This is actually two different issues. “Falling in love with pretty starts” is one that bites many–only a few of them Bingo Players–and costs them many chips. A good start doesn’t equal a good finish. You still need to fit the flop or be ready to fold. Being aware of the possibilities for opponents to crush you is a separate skill you’ll need to base on knowledge of that particular opponent. Learn his/her habits and beat them with good calls and great folds. Unfortunately, experience is the only guide you can have for this and experience is expensive.


i know it’s easier said then done, but try to stick to some lv2 thinking (considering your opponents range) and keep re-evaluating after each round.

this is also something to put some lv2 thinking into. try to figure out first what kind of player he is (most importantly loose or tight [as you can make a beter preflop range] ) and postflop try to see if his check,call,bet or raise fits the story he was telling in previous rounds.

if you have trouble to think that way it’s almost always better to assume he doesn’t bluff then to assume he did.
folding to a bluff make you lose a bit of your chips, but not folding when he didn’t bluff make you lose a lot of chips. if you really have trouble reading him you could just play (much) tighter
i understand it isn’t fun to get bluffed, but losing to a better hand when the pot is huge is far worse

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My father used to say, “Experience is a school where they first give you the test and only then give you the lesson.”


Your father was correct.
You’re already om the road to success, just to be noticing the issues. Good luck.


Well I’m one of those people who have never bought a chip and have a little over 4 million chips. The simple answer is patience. Over time you will get your share of good hands and you consistently see players on a streak of luck luck and no mater what flops it hits their hand. If you start to do what I call bulling than the result is usually bad. I hope this helps.,


nice post,
only thing i like to add is that bullying can be right in the right circumstances. but i assume you meant when people doing it without good thought process, which makes it very true.
but a few situations that can make it right is when you play against a short stack, against a (too) tight player, or when close to the bubble with a big stack. but in all those cases still counts that your opponent needs to know how to fold, and you should stick to normal betsizes you can afford.

Acutuallly I find the the big stack trying to bully quit helpful. It’s like fishing you let him play with the bait and have his way until you set the hook and double your stack or rake in a large pot. you may or may not get your hand but like I said patience is the name of the game.


fully agreed.

but as i said, there is a big difference between a bully that raises much just because he can, and a bully that raises with a thought process of the right situation and the right opponent. and the betsize is important as well, like u said you can trap to double up. but that will only work if the bully uses crazy betsizes or raises each and every round. if for example a bully have picked up you like to fold a lot and bullies because of that, even if you slowplay and call he will pick up on that and stops raising. this is the difference i meant between a bully that just raises because he can and a bully who raises with a thought process.
but i fully agree patience is most important :+1:

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