Losing hands

I have been playing 4 some time and generally do O.K. However when I do build a decent chip stack I continusly get ■■■■ cards delt. IM NOT grizzling but when I deal cards at home ,on average Iget o.k hands.At least something to bet with.Is this because I dont buy chips?? Its very frustrating as I love the game, but i’m beginning 2 wonder. Any one have this as well/?

Maybe you should try to consider it the other way around. Maybe you built a decent stack by having a “rush” and at some point it ended then you’re left with a big stack and you’re card dead for a while.

It’s not that bad to be card dead when you have a decent stack, it’s horrific when you’re the short stack. I’d recommend you to be very aware of your position in these situations as well as the other players respective stacks. Be aggressive in late position, maybe c-bet more, look for squeeze opportunities etc.

Look for spots where having rags don’t matter. Attack the “medium” stacks as short stacks will be more committed so harder to bluff and the big stacks might want to fool around/peel more often. A medium stack has more to lose and less to gain. He cannot fool around too much because if it doesn’t work out (which should be the majority of the time) then all of sudden he’s become a short stack.


YES…I have been playing for about 20 years now. I know how the cards fall. Its ironic that I hit a certain level, and now I cant win a decent hand. Someone always has a better hand. Like having a King high flush and getting beat buy an Ace high flush, Having Queens over and getting beat by Kings over, a king high straight and an Ace high takes it. High card 9 and someone has a 10. It happens too often to be coincidental. I use to like playing on replay, maybe its time to find another table…

your not the only one that goes through this. I go through the same thing

That is just how poker is. Good and bad cards can come in waves. For example, yesterday I played two MTTs around the same time, and at the beginning of both I got terrible cards. So, I folded and folded until I was one of the short stacks. But then I kept getting strong/playable hands for the rest of both tournaments and finished 1st and 2nd respectively.

I believe what you need is bankroll management. If you are talking about your “chip stack”, as in all of your Replay chips are on the table at once, there is a much higher risk of losing them all than if you mean your bankroll, as in 5% of your chips are in play at once. It seems like many players will bring the chips they win to higher and higher levels of game until they have lost them all. Natural poker variance makes it possible to go on a downswing of 40 buy-ins based solely on bad luck.

NO I,mnot talking about all my chips just the ones I bring 2 the table! Regardless I still get crap cards untill i’m bet out of the game.Maybee it’s just bad luck but others at the table get good cards reasonable often!!

[quote=“JoeDirk, post:5, topic:3062”]
That is just how poker is.
[/quote] I am so sick of seeing that lame expression! Poker is a great game but when you are playing a program, as you are here, you are not so much playing the table as the “dealer” or “program”. You have to look at all the cards showing and figure the best hand that can be made should an opponent (or you) have the requisite cards to make that hand. You can almost guarantee that some one will have those cards!