How to play on a cold seat

It’s halfway through the tournament and you know, you just know, the seat you’re in is ice cold.

You’re folding and watching what your hand would’ve done if you stayed in and it’s amazing how it

always loses.

Hand #1046850860

Hand #1046851407

On the flip side, if you are sitting on a hot seat, you just keep calling and ride the wave.

So it’s no surprise what happens next…

Hand #1046852236

It’s really a no-win situation.

You could take up all your time every hand and fold hoping the table will break.

You could avoid playing against the player sitting in the hot seat.

What else can one do?

You can’t control the cards dealt, all one can control is how to play them. Play them wisely with a lot of patience and discipline!!!


It’s late in the day and you’re right…

Have to check your patience and discipline!

Not much left that’s for sure.

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Only one thing left, the Faith when you Have to go all in. Then unfortunately start the process all over:)

If I feel like I am in a cold spot on the table, I simply rotate the table to another seat. Sometimes it works, but not always. For me, its better than doing nothing.


I do the same thing, rotate, play on the edge, I have a favorable position as a go to when I can’t catch a cold, I know it’s not changing anything, but for my own mental health it works, I also shift how long I take for my turn, in my brain I think it changes the random shuffle to a different random shuffle, hopefully with a different outcome.