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Before I found the Replay Poker site, I never thought to play poker online with actual players. It did not take me long to get hooked on the site. It is fun, I love meeting new players from all over the world and as a Player Rep, I get to help the players. There is only one thing that I don’t understand and that is where to sit on the table to give me the best chance of winning (at least one hand, as lately, my luck has not gone that way). So my questions is how do you choose a seat at the table to give yourself the best possibility of winning? Is it truly just the luck of the draw or a certain position on the table where you just like to sit where you feel lucky?


In online poker you can choose a seat to sit at but you never know how many others are sitting at the same seat. It’s just a representation of your participation at the table. Also you can spin your seat all you want but it’s not changing any seating position.


no such seat, but sometimes you would rather sit behind infront an opponent

  • i do hope they will add “save position” soon, i like 6 or 5 o’clock

It starts with picking a table you can beat. Observe for awhile, and if you can’t readily pick out the soft targets, you may be the soft target.

Find a table that fits your play style. Generally speaking, tight players do well at loose tables, and loose players can do well at tight tables.

I like having the big stack or most aggro player(s) to my right. This gives me a chance to see what they are going to do before I commit to a pot.

In a normal distribution of hands, there will be clumps of winning hands dealt to a specific seat, but these runs end as quickly as they start, so there’s no real benefit from knowing that this happens. Over time, each seat will see the same number of winners.


My Lucky seats are on 9 table 6 o’clock and 6 table right 4 o’clock. On other sites my seats are designated and automatically seated there no matter if moved or not. On Replay you have too manually move seat most of the time. Several years ago, brought this up and still have faith they will program this eventually. (Remember you can manually change seats)


Click on the players and see what their ranking is on Replay. Then try to play between two really low ranked players and try to have as many of them between you and any player that has a high or relatively high ranking. Then, play like a NIT and take the fish’s chips. However, I don’t advise playing like a NIT in a game for real money.

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Of course in tourneys and sit & go’s your choice of seating isn’t available to you because they are randomly assigned. But, in a ring game, I also prefer to sit to the left of the big stack so I can keep my good eye on them.

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Once again, it is simulated seating. Wherever it shows your seating you’re not actually at that seat and 5 or 8 other players are sitting on your lap.

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:laughing: (Maybe evolution is the reason my lap is expanding: to accommodate all the players?)

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I think you typically want position on a player you expect to be in a lot of hands with. So that typically means sitting behind a really active player, or a really weak call station that you expect to limp call with a wide range that you’re hoping to isolate against a lot. But there are a lot of factors, and there are some very active, aggressive players that I actually prefer to be out of position against.

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As long as everyone is comfortable Jan :joy:

I don’t think there’s any way to chose a table that gives you a better chance of winning. I don’t try to. If I join a table and go 8-10 hands without even having a playable hand, I either change seats or go to another table. It takes discipline to do this. There’s a tendency to think that, though you haven’t had a playable hand in 10 hands, the next flop might give you a certain winner. But that has never happened, at least not for me, so I just change seats or tables. In my experience, if you’re in a bad seat, it usually stays bad.

What is a “Player Rep”?

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This is a great explanation of what a Player Representative does.

wordy1 Head of Volunteers

Jun '17

Hi All,

Often players have questions, but don’t want to go to the trouble of sending an email to support or looking the answer up in our Knowledge Bases. Our Player Reps are on the tables to help answer questions, explain site navigation, etc. Player Reps are not on the tables to monitor. They are poker players, just like everyone else. They are available to step in if needed, but that is not their primary function. They may report unruly or offensive players and call in the big guns (Moderators) when necessary. Fortunately, that level of intervention isn’t often necessary.

We truly appreciate our players who have a strong desire to ensure that our site is a fun and friendly place to play poker with friends. This is our goal. We want Replay Poker to be the best free online poker site on the web, and our Player Reps are helping make this happen by giving of their time to assist other players.

The eligibility requirements for Player Reps has nothing to do with their bankroll. Many Player Reps have been invited to join the team based on the respect they have earned from other players for their great gamesmanship, willingness to help others and knowledge of the game. The eligibility requirements are:

• have a minimum of 6 months playing on Replay Poker.
• have a violation-free account and demonstrated good gamesmanship on tables and through chat.
• have good English language skills.
• are moderately knowledgeable about technology.
• are willing to make a time commitment of 5 hours per week.
• are able to participate in periodic team meetings (typically on weekends).
• are knowledgeable about site functionality.
• are knowledgeable about Texas Hold’em poker.
• are an active player on the site.

Many other players have been interested in the role and have reached out to us to join our family of Volunteers. We’re looking for the best of the best players within our community to assist others. I am always excited when new Player Reps join our team.

We reward all of our Volunteers in a variety of ways, but most have joined because they have a sincere desire to help others and tangible rewards are not their end goal.

If you would like more info, please send me a message at wordy1. I will be glad to provide you with additional information.


Susan Konrad
Head of Volunteers

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