Changing Seats at the table

Need some advise. I’m at the table of 5. Seat to my right is empty. I’m on a run getting some good cards Player to my left changes seats an picks up the seat to my right. Where I come from and learned poker Etiquette he would face some really upset players and it would not be allowed. Granted those were cash games in card rooms so the rules are more strict. I have never said anything on this site even though I want to. I know it’s a fun site and some players are just learning the game.
Am I over reacting? Would you mention it to the player changing seats?
Still love Replay Poker and enjoy the players I have met.
Thank You

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How did he do that ? The only option I know is to rotate ALL the seats at the table unless he left the game and rejoined the table but why ? Seems like a lot of effort and missed hands.

I wouldn’t say anything, it’s a free online site and not worth the aggravation of getting reported and the chance of losing your chat privileges. Be nice, play nice, have fun and don’t let that put you on Tilt!!

Best of luck


I imagine he left the table, then rejoined in that seat.

I would say yes, you are, but only because it is what it is, and getting upset over it won’t help.

No, I would not. Being on the right of a player who is playing or running well is a disadvantage. I also would not say anything if he moved to my left because, if the rules here allow it, then I don’t have a problem with it. Different places have different house rules… just play within those rules and be happy.


You can just stand up and pick another seat, assuming it is a cash game rather than a tournament. I think this is fairly normal, with a lot of reasons why you might want to change seats.

  • money tends to flow clockwise around the table, and so it is quite nice to sit right after a really big stack, especially if they are a fish that has just gotten lucky, so when first sitting down I love to sit after a big stack that I think will likely be in a charitable mood
  • many people prefer to be downstream of strong aggressive players, so they can see what action they take before committing chips to the pot (myself, I usually prefer to be on the opposite side of the table to minimize interaction)

I tend not to bother changing seats here very much, but I see others doing it a lot and think it should help to improve their expectation a little. Playing at Vegas people would also be changing seats all the time when there was an open seat.


Sounds like a lot of trouble to go thru to me. I see your reasoning but not for me . Thank you for your response. :+1:t2:

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He clocks out and then clicks on the empty seat

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Thank you

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You’re welcome. Glad I could help .

You can’t switch seats on Replay, I’m thinking there was a table change and he just happened to get the seat

You can change seats players said. If there’s and empty seat you can leave the table and rejoin in that empty seat ( cash games ) . Not a tournament.

ring games can change seats. sit n go’s and mtts you can’t. can rotate seats, but not actually changing seats.