Hot Seats

you need to fix the hot seat at the tables every table has 1 or 2 seats that win hand after hand its not hard to figure out if this keeps up u will lose people fast i seen it happen on other sites just a heads up

If you really believe there are such things as hot seats, then please keep a simple log of the table, the time and the players that are seated in that seat… we can easily then look at the actual data and then put your mind at rest that no such seats exist.

i agree with loadit2 i seen people win 4-5 hands in a row might lose 1-2 hands then go right back to winning streak again

i know site was “tested” and was passed be fair and random and non predictable

just cause have somthing tested passed does not mean somewhere down road be broke

played lot of hands yesterday lost with 4 flushes

and two 3 of a kind i know point played 65 hands and not one was a winner now how is that fair

if the staff and would sit and play with regular members i think you will see why people complain a lot but you dont and dont see what regular players see on day to day baises

Happy to discuss this, as we live and die by the fairness of our game offered here.

You said " i know point played 65 hands and not one was a winner now how is that fair " - do you mean a player called “point”?

We’re testing a brand new feature on the site this week, called “activity”. Which will give you access to all the hands you played showing what cards you had and who won each hand. This gives transparency to everyone. If a player did have a losing streak of 65 hands, then it would be a simple to check this with a look at their activity report.

We haven’t made any changed to our RNG, shuffling algorithm since our last RNG test so it would be extremely odd if something had changed with it.

What I really want to build in some report that we can compare the reality of the hands with the expected statistical averages - that’s really the only way to know for sure if it’s just a bad beat or a luck/unluck streak or something more serious. If someone or a group of people are willing to work with the team here to come up with such a thing, then I’d be very willing to allocate the resource to such a project, so we can finally put to bed any doubt as to the fairness of our games.

i mean at one point i played 65 hands not one was winner another time was close to100 hands won maybe 2 or 3 and even those was questionable

i take a deck of cards shuffle. deal 10 hands out and then do flop turn and river and i see pair to 2 pairs winning

not this 2 players hit straights another 2 players hit flushes and another 2 hitting fullhouses.

when i do this once in a while i will see crazy hand

its not one bad day or two bad days this happens every day

i expect bad day or two but when its every day no matter what tbl i play at no matter what seat i sit at its same thing over and over

i notce to there is always a flush draw straigh draw fullhouse draw

or is runner runner for straight or runner runner flush or runner runner for fullhouse

So you’re saying the problem is however good your hand is, another player has a better hand. But not that the player sat in the same seat, a ‘hot seat’ is getting the good hands. And not that you’re not getting good hole cards, just your opponents are better? And overall this happens much more than you think is statistically possible by chance?

yes i am saying that whatever hand i got always somehow someone has a better hand. i understand bad beats happen ok i get that but when its every time is just unreal. understand having bad day or two i get that but when its ever day its jus unreal

examples hand i floppd ace high flush player went all in before i could act so course going call but same time i think how will i lose this hand and sure enough king came on turn give player fullhouse cours reaction was lke that is just unreal

i have flopped ace high straights and bet agressive and course get player call and hit runner runner for flush just couple examples out many i can tell you about

the one session i said i played 65 hands and not one was winner had 2 3 kinds in matter of few minutes and i lost both one was runner runner straight and other one was fullhouse hit

also saying i have seen seats win 4-5 hands in a row and might lose a hand or two then go back on another streak

Im in know means saying this is a bad site but if u look at the tables u can see same seats winning the seats do change almost everyday but once u find one u can win for hours if u be patient.I have seen this on othe sites to not saying i know it all but i have played online poker for real and fake chips for atleast 6 or 7 years and I do know what hot seat are.I know im new here but i dont want to see this great site fail.If i didnt have a full time job i would love to help.

loadit, I see the same phenomenon, however, it’s a wave of luck. I believe every player gets them now and then, but do they recognize them to take advantage. If your wave comes in low cards on the turn and river cards, you will likely not catch that wave.

There is also the nasty wave of bad luck, where very very good hands are always 2nd best.

I agree with B17, it can only be a phenomenon that’s based on luck and probabilities. Just like you see the roulette table in the casino sometimes go for long streaks red or black. It looks like there must be something but when you actually look at the probabilities of getting those streaks it’s completely within the expected averages. If you’re seeing patterns in the game then it’s merely a fact of nature.

The way we’ve built the site is with integrity and honesty to make it completely fair to every player, there are no special hot seats built into the code or the like. If it helps to convince you we could take the unprecedented step to publish extracts of the actual code for the game logic, so if you investigate you’ll see it’s built 100% fair and without bias.

The best thing I think we can do is to make the game statistics on the site more transparent for everyone to see, and that’s our intention to do. That way you can meaningfully compare your performance with others. If you can think of any other way we can help convince you of our obsessive commitment to fairness - then do tell us! We’ll do everything in our power to show you that on ReplayPoker you can be 100% certain of getting a fair game.

most people call them hot seats they r just good players that play the right cards at the right time its just what u pick up on when u r playing with some people on this site so all is fair just my point what i think is the right answer