How to get efficient

I started playing the game in this website on 23rd December and currently I made a bankroll of about 160k chips, in the free play tournament out of 10 times i make it to prize position mostly under 20 about 4-5 times and in the new players free play i rank about under 5 almost 7-8 times out of 10 tournament and win almost 2-3 times out of 10.

The hands that take me out are mostly higher ranked straight against my straight or 3 of a kind, and higher full house and sometimes they get lucky at the river. How can I improve this aspect of the game.

Any advice will help… thanks

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You can’t really.

If you loose straight over straight, or full house over full house, that’s just unfortunate. There’s nothing you can do about it. Sometimes you are going to loose. That’s poker.

In some specific circumstances you can fold a big hand, but these are rare. Generally when you are very deep stacked and there is a lot of aggressive action from your opponent. But in general, making big folds is an error. You are giving up too big an opportunity to win if you start folding your strongest hand. So you just have to accept that these hands are part of the game.


Bet larger in earlier rounds and hope that scares them into folding. Other than that, as Darbs said you can’t really do anything about losing straight over straight or full house over full house. Why, because it’s poker.