Am I just unlucky?

I fold two number cards like 7 and 9. Then it comes as straight or like flush. Its happened at an alarming rate. Its like they are mocking me.

Also theres so many players just going all in and getting lucky and then starts powerplaying. They dont care if they go out. Either they will play as the chip leader or go out quickly. What is this? What to do against this?

No doubt. You fold the cards you should and hit the flop. But play the cards you should and either “miss” the flop completely or get out drawn( usually by a high stakes player).

If you think your unlucky i would stop all gambling activities. Even virtual poker.

People don’t understand the variance involved in poker. There will be a ton of hands where 79o would have been the best hand. But that doesn’t mean it is smart to play it (preflop). There will be a ton of hands where AA will be losing by the river. That doesn’t mean you should fold it (preflop).

The reason high stakes players seem to always have you beaten is because they are more selective about which hands they play, and they will only show down the best hand (that’s what it means to be a good poker player, knowing when to bet and when to fold).

I dont exactly feel they are better players than me. I think they take risks at the start and either get totally knocked out or become the chip leader and then go on to finish in top 10. In any case I’m now dealing with the problem much better and have got solid results in last couple of days.