How to find a tourney in "New" replay

how do I find the list of multi table tourneys in the NEW replay? When I go there it starts with 9 and 10 hours from now! where is the list like we have in green, in the old replay? I have NO idea how to join a game that starts , say in 10 minutes from now.

I explain it for you with screenshots, you can register on a few ways.

1…register on Dashboard

You can register at your dashboard. Click on the button “register” and it is done. That button will change in “view lobby” and you can open the tournament lobby.

Or …

Click on the red name “Kick Starter” , the lobby opens and you can click on the green button “register”

2…Register on the Multi Table Tournament Page. (sometimes you have to refresh the page (F5), but most of the time it is in real time.

First be sure the page is order on Start time. Click on the red “Start” so the triangle next to it is pointing up (you can do that with 1 column only) That way the first starting tourneys are on top.

Than click on the tourney you want to play. Next to it you see the button “register” , click on it and you are registered. After that you can open the lobby (button become "view lobby) Or click on the red “view lobby” , the tournament lobby opens and you can click on the green button “register” .

Also you can use the option to select a game or limit, when you click on All Games and select “Omaha” , you get the Omaha tourneys only. And you can tick (and untick again) Hide running and Hide finished tourneys.

Ring games lobby

Think it is important to know that you can click on one of the column name to choose the order you like (only 1 column). I order my lobby on stakes, You can put up the highest or lowest, just click once or twice on “stakes” , If you want to separate the game types, you click on the red “Game” and you have that order.

And here you can select all games or 1 game, or all limits or 1 limit. And you can tick and untick “Hide empty tables” and “Hide full tables” .