How is RANK determined?

I was curious how your rank is determined? and which is better higher or lower?
Thanks in advance!

“currently” Rank is determined by 1 thing : your bankroll.

or … Rank is determined by the official ReplayPoker Smell-o-Meter :compression:
:clipboard: crosschecked with :shower: schedule… for your Rank-yness.

its depend on how much money you spend … lol

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Good Morning mcarr1973. To answer your question, the smaller the number the higher your ranking.

Hope that helps.


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Thank you!

@Sassy_Sarah smells good, thanks for the reply :wink:

@Caracal which is crazy, I wonder why they don’t use a point system in the background buying chips for a better rank not cool (makes it difficult to see how you actually perform (lol I can hear the jokes lol))

@Craig_Anthony Good Morning Craig I appreciated the response, it does help.

This is a pretty fantastic forum! pleasure to meet all of you!


its crazy but it true, more chips you buy more hight your rank

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