How is ranking determined now?

Some time ago it was posted that the method of ranking at that time was by chip count but it was indicated that changes were to be made. How is ranking determined now?? Thanks much…Bungler

Still same… I think. I merged all related rankings “idea” to one, you find it here:

Add your vote and comment you like, I can merge this one to thet, if you want it. (As you may noticed some thread removed, may outdated info, may very old thread. Any thread removal, you should get a email about it.

I did try to look up what was thet. I remember the thread I read it last week or something, cant find it now.) Will be changed the ranking, sheduled already. All good.

I change this thread header now, others can find it better.

Did look up 3 years back , cant find the thread. It is possyble you just comment on it?

Hi bungler,

Ranking is still based on chip count, but a better ranking system is also still on the roadmap. We’re just a small team, so it takes some time to work through all of the projects on our list. :slight_smile: I can’t give an ETA just yet, however it is coming.

Thanks and have great weekend.

Cheers, Lesley

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